Treating Customers Fairly

Our Policy:

We are committed to providing the highest standard of financial advice possible. As a firm, we take very seriously the requirements of our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority; the requirement to treat our clients fairly.

In Our Dealings You Can Expect That:

As examples of how the principles and guidelines mentioned above work in practice in our business, we set out below details of what you can expect from us in various areas of our business.

When We Give You Advice:

When We Deal With You:

Our Service:

You can expect that all our staff are trained properly for their roles. All of our advisory staff are qualified financial advisers and are fully trained in respect of the investments and products they advise on.

If Things Go Wrong:

If you complain about any aspect of our service then you can expect that your complaint will be dealt with professionally, impartially and in accordance with the rules laid down by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We will provide details of our complaints policy and procedure on request.

We hope that you find our services a pleasant and straightforward experience. We always welcome comments and observations about the way in which we deal with our clients and would encourage you to contact us if you have any comments on the way we deal with you.